Advanced Tumor Board /
Multidisci­plinary Team (MDT) Management

Realize and amplify the value of the multidisciplinary cancer team

Enable, Capture, and Advance Multidisciplinary Care

The diversity of cancer cases, data, therapies, and pathways drives the need for multidisciplinary cancer care.

OncoLens helps cancer programs launch, manage, and amplify tumor boards and cancer conferences through a comprehensive, connected multidisciplinary care solution.

The platform supports individual meetings by ensuring preparation across cases, driving consistency across meeting format and structure, facilitating interactions among physicians, and documenting what is shared and the outcome of each case review. The data captured reflects the richness of the multidisciplinary approach including the psychosocial, comorbidities, and biomedical aspects of each case. And the workflow presents just-in-time information including biomarker benchmarks and standard-of-care guidelines.

MDT meetings are just a piece of the multidisciplinary puzzle.

OncoLens extends the value of the tumor board or cancer conference to ensure a multidisciplinary throughline to every aspect of the patient’s care journey. And the solution helps providers see that all patients receive the benefits of MDT care planning by enabling the sharing and analysis of care plans across the network.

OncoLens Conference

Plan and Treat Collectively as a Team

OncoLens Conference manages all synchronous multidisciplinary planning activities, including scheduling, communication, and data consolidation for tumor boards, multidisciplinary clinics, lung nodule reviews, cancer committee meetings and more.
During multidisciplinary team discussions, OncoLens Conference:
  • Automatically identifies best practice protocols for the patient under discussion—including evidence-based guidelines, clinical trials, customized pathways, and latest research—and delivers these insights directly within the workflow
  • Streamlines administrative tasks, automatically marking and generating attendance reports required for accreditation
  • Prompts the team to consider the various quality metrics important to the condition being discussed
  • Drives in-network referrals to services provided within individual facilities (CAR-T therapies, radiation services, etc.)
  • Supports the development and dissemination of disease specific care pathways and protocols across your care network

OncoLens Image Share

One of the biggest barriers to multidisciplinary treatment planning is the ability to securely share radiology studies with peers and care team members. For cancer programs that require enhanced capabilities to upload, share, store, and comment on digital images, we offer OncoLens Image Share.
This module enables DICOM image imports from local drives, PACS, CDs, or through a direct gateway. Images are viewed through our web-based 510(k) FDA class II diagnostic viewer, which is fully integrated into the OncoLens Platform.
When MDTs work well, the entire cancer program benefits.


increase in the number of quality cases discussed per cancer conference


increase in patient access to multidisciplinary discussions


increase in physician and care team engagement


increase in quality review per case


increase in multidisciplinary cancer care team efficiency and coordination

Next Generation Physician Collaboration

Communication facilitation, coordination, and documentation can act as barriers to multidisciplinary cancer care operationalization. OncoLens simplifies case-level communications including asynchronous, synchronous, second opinion, and curbside discussions. The structure and capabilities within the platform virtually eliminate any administrative burden and ensure the presentation of relevant inputs directly within the case review workflow.
OncoLens breaks down the communication and documentation barriers that lower engagement. The platform supports communication within a network, between networks, between individual providers regardless of network affiliation, and across the broader cancer care community. All of this is HIPAA compliant and secure. PHI is protected while relevant information can be shared for review and opinions.

Real-time EMR, Clinical Decision Support Integration

OncoLens delivers a single, comprehensive view of the cancer patient that clinicians can understand and action from across disciplines.

We deliver the comprehensive patient view in a way that:

  • Reduces clinician burnout
  • Enables research and discussion of genomic profiles and precision medicine-based treatment options
  • Creates a streamlined, consolidated, and multi-level view into the patient
  • Provides a pathway to the kind of communication and knowledge sharing that drives to better patient outcomes
OncoLens not only eliminates many of the challenges created by EMRs, but we enhance the EMR experience by consolidating data, eliminating dual entry, finding and extracting critical information, and creating a longitudinal view of the patient that can be shared across clinical team members on multiple EMRs across multiple networks.

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