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Connected, Continuous, Insight-driven Cancer Care

With the right data, intelligence, and involvement of the extended care team, OncoLens amplifies your multidisciplinary approach to cancer care through a single-view, patient-centered solution.

Connected, Continuous, Insight‑driven Cancer Care

With the right data, intelligence, and involvement of the extended care team, OncoLens amplifies your multidisciplinary approach to cancer care through a single-view, patient-centered solution.


OncoLens integrates the entire cancer care continuum and enables precision medicine through advanced tumor board and multi-disciplinary planning, clinical decision support, and cross-network provider communications.


OncoLens helps identify, digitally track, and prepare Survivorship Care Plans for eligible patients enabling you to meet accreditation requirements and improve the patient experience.


OncoLens automatically captures CoC, NAPBC, NAPRC and center-specific metrics to facilitate quality care and ensure accreditation. Our AI driven solutions enable the automated extraction of valuable data and quality metrics from your EHR or genomic reports to derive valuable insights.

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With OncoLens, providers have a path to:

  • Multidisciplinary opinion enablement including expert second opinions from within and outside your network
  • A consolidated, patient centric view including clinical and genomic data
  • Instantly engage and refer to care teams within your facility and with providers from your network and community
  • Ensuring that every decision is backed by a review of available clinical trial options, precision medicine treatments, and standardized pathways

With the OncoLens cancer treatment platform, providers can focus on the patient. At the same time, the system breaks down the data, organizational, and process barriers that stand in the way of actual multidisciplinary cancer care. With OncoLens, providers can:

  • Make Better Care Decisions

    Ongoing multidisciplinary opinion development and care planning supported by real-time, AI-driven clinical decision support and intelligence

  • Align Cases to 'Best Fit' Clinical Trials

    Automatically screen cases for available trials based on ‘best fit’ criteria

  • Consolidate and Collect Data

    Create a common data view across disparate systems, platforms, and EHRs accessible anywhere, anytime, by the patient-centered care team

  • Ease Tumor Board Scheduling and Asynchronous Discussions

    Simplify calendaring, coordinate across providers, and deliver the information clinicians need, when they need it

  • Ensure Efficient Research and Reporting for Quality Improvement and Accreditation

    Automatically extract and download the statistics and requirements for CoC, NAPBC and NAPRC accreditation or internal quality improvement initiatives

  • Accelerate Survivorship Planning and Patient Tracking

    Access pre-populated care plans that are automatically completed with patient data or collaborate digitally with the care team to ensure completion and delivery

“With OncoLens, we’ve observed that what used to take up to two days to prepare 15 cases, now takes less than one hour.”

Kevin Kniery, Executive Director
The Harold-Leever Regional Cancer Center

A borderless solution to multidisciplinary cancer care that:

  • Allows you to track your patients across the entire network
  • Makes sure you are hardwired into community and affiliate sites of care
  • Drives referrals to the services provided within your network (e.g., clinical trials, CAR-T therapies)
  • Shares standardized care pathways and insights across your entire system
  • Is HIPAA-compliant

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A multidisciplinary cancer care solution starts with a single, comprehensive view of the patient that can be understood and actioned by clinicians from across disciplines. The right solution reduces the time, data, and place barriers created by current solutions, processes, and work environments. And it simplifies the complex communication and documentation that happen as providers consult one another, look for new treatment pathways, and uncover new insights into the patient. A multidisciplinary cancer solution doesn't stop at the tumor board or cancer conference--it isn't a meeting or collaboration tool. A multidisciplinary cancer solution breaks down siloes and facility walls to enable patient-focused, quality-driven cancer care.

Our aim is to help cancer clinicians gain efficiencies, synthesize data by lowering cognitive load, and engage in the discourse that leads to improved patient outcomes. We reduce the hurdles that distract and consume hours in the day; enable research and discussion of genomic profiles and precision medicine-based treatment options, create a streamlined, consolidated, and multi-level view into the patient; and provide a pathway to the kind of communication and knowledge sharing that drives to better patient outcomes.

For most providers, getting to a complete picture of a cancer patient requires hours of data consolidation, analysis, and outreach. EHRs, unsearchable file formats, unstructured data, and a lack of interoperability all create barriers to a single, comprehensive patient view. We work across technologies and networks to bring the cancer patient into sharp focus. Our workflows enable the capture and curation of patient data from different sources, including extracting key data points from unstructured text such as cancer staging to enhance the patient picture. Each patient case is further enriched by the synchronous and asynchronous communications that happen across care team members so that the portrait of the patient is detailed and informed by the diverse perspectives of the multidisciplinary team.

We bridge EHRs, organizational siloes, and network barriers to enable true multidisciplinary, patient-centered cancer care. Our solutions include cancer conference technology, workflow automation, AI-driven clinical decision support, and patient tracking capabilities. What we bring to a cancer program enhances the ability to increase standardization, deliver a higher quality of care, amplify engagement with affiliates, increase referrals, and reduce cost.

Tumor boards are more than a meeting. When done right, the tumor board is a critical inflection point in the cancer care continuum that informs care delivery and ongoing patient engagement. We enhance the tumor board experience by easing planning, communication, and data collection beforehand; driving workflow that includes clinical trial matching and accreditation requirements; and by providing a through line from the tumor board all the way to survivorship plan development.

Because we see across the entire network and into the community, we drive referrals within a system (e.g., CAR-T therapy), outside of a system (e.g., out of network specialists), and into clinical trials. We strengthen the relationship with affiliate and community sites of care and, consequently, help to hardwire that relationship. The result drives more patient referrals into a facility, ensures patient stickiness (reduces patient leakage), and solidifies key relationships across the provider landscape.