Multi-disciplinary care planning for every cancer patient

Gather expert advice from across your hospital network in a matter of minutes. Utilize efficient workflows built specifically for cancer care, saving time and money in maintaining your cancer program accreditation status.

For Healthcare Providers

Multidisciplinary case conferences have been shown to improve quality of care, patient satisfaction and time from diagnosis to treatment. Significant resources are devoted to tumor boards today. Studies indicate that conference administrators spend on average 15 to 20 hours per conference, in addition to the several physician hours that go into case preparation. This laborious and time-consuming process limits the number of cases that can be discussed and prevents the addition of new conferences. It also does not provide the opportunity for early involvement of clinical trials or genetics research in the development of the treatment plan.

OncoLensTM replaces the labor-intensive process of cancer conference preparation by using easy to use, click-based templates to create case histories and automatically routing them to pathology, radiology and research teams. In addition, the platform merges case specific clinical trial and decision support guidelines into the presentation. The use of OncoLensTM has been proven to improve the quality and time to treatment for cancer patients.

For Healthcare Administrators

OncoLens is an application built to save time and money in conducting tumor board discussions and maintaining cancer program accreditation. With OncoLens, a care provider can enter a case within minutes utilizing pre-built templates for various cancer types. Additional data requests are routed automatically for upload to pathology, radiology or genetics. The case is instantly available for you to present during meetings or for providers to review and discuss online. Our HIPAA compliant and SAAS platform enables engagement across multiple locations of the hospital network including those located at small community hospitals or remote, rural areas.

Case participation can be logged directly into the system and criteria required for certifications marked on each case. Downloadable reports are instantly available for you to submit for certification purposes. OncoLens also enables hospital administrators and clinical trial researchers to capture cases that maybe good candidates for clinical trials, early enough.

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Oncolens Features

Cloud Based and HIPAA Compliant

No on-site installs, rapid deployment enabling collaboration across remote sites

Tumor Board Scheduling

Create annual schedules, monitor and manage upcoming meetings

Efficient Data Collection

Easily submit cases and upload images from a PC or iphone

Efficient Reporting for Accreditation

Download stats required for NAPBC or CoC accreditation

Early identification of Cases for Clinical Trials

Screen cases for available trials through timely inclusion of research staff

Group based Social Learning and Collaboration

Real time discussion of cases eliminating dependence on live meetings

Awards and Recognition

An ATDC company

Exceptional research award

Top 10 e-clinical trial management solution