Patient Tracking, Quality and Accreditation

Harness and gain visibility into the value of multidisciplinary cancer care

Expand Value from Quality Efforts and Simplify Accreditation

Your Quality Efforts Fuel Program Excellence
and Brand Eminence

The quality of your cancer program goes beyond a single meeting and extends across the entire patient journey. With OncoLens, cancer centers can drive an average 50 percent improvement in key quality metrics including:
  • 33% increase in number of cases discussed/session
  • 50% increase in patient access to a multi-disciplinary discussion
  • 50% increase in physician engagement/month
  • 25% increase in quality review per case

Benefits extend to all aspects of care including the ability to track and drive improvements in the:

  • Time from diagnosis to case review
  • Percentage of patients with biomarker testing and results at the time of initial treatment planning
  • Number of patients referred to clinical trials
  • Time from case review and treatment planning to treatment initiation
  • Number of multidisciplinary team discussions during treatment
  • Number of patients referred to key services and specialty therapies
The ability to enable quality improvements drives program excellence and is a primary contributor to broader, industry-wide recognition of the cancer center, its affiliates, and available therapies.
Becoming a center-of-excellence amplifies brand awareness and helps increase patient-led referrals into your program.

OncoLens Analyze

Key metrics that define your cancer service line are embedded within your data. By assessing metrics such as time to treatment, clinical trial accruals and patients accessing key services, you can understand where your cancer center stands against your competition and where you stand in your efforts to gain or maintain quality accreditation.
OncoLens Analyze enables:
  • Automated reporting for CoC, NAPBC and NAPRC
  • Continuing Medical Education reports
  • Metrics and custom reporting for:

    • Processes such as time to first visit or time to treatment
    • Appropriateness of Care such as percentage of patients accessing nutritional counseling or speech evaluation
    • Outcomes and quality such as chemo related ED visits

Results of a Multi-State, Multi-Institution
Implementation of OncoLens

Through an analysis of 8,000 providers across the US and more than 13,700 patient cases, it was determined that OncoLens enables cancer programs to effectively collect quality metrics for cancer program accreditation by the American College of Surgeons.
Eighty percent of the case presentations were prospective. And participating cancer centers saw a 65 to 90% reduction in time spent for case preparation.
Benefits of the OncoLens platform included:
  • increased patient access to multidisciplinary cancer care
  • increased total cases discussed per conference
  • increased provider engagement and attendance
  • improved quality tracking for the Commission on Cancer (CoC) and National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC)

Simplify Accreditation and Ongoing Reporting

Seamless Accreditation Adherence and Tracking

With an increasing number of cancer cases, accreditation requirements and quality improvement guidelines, today’s cancer centers are challenged to measure, monitor and report on multiple quality measures. OncoLens integrates quality requirements natively into the workflow. For each case, the appropriate accreditation requirements are displayed, documented, and tracked. Reporting is simplified to a few clicks. And visibility into adherence is enhanced.
With OncoLens, cancer programs have a powerful tool to:
  • Capture accreditation and quality measures as part of the tumor board/cancer conference and survivorship care planning process

  • Leverage custom and standardized reporting templates that prompt users to consider multiple quality measures while developing treatment plans

  • Reduce the administrative burden of collating data for reporting
  • Easily generate required reports directly from the OncoLens system

Simplified Accreditation and Data Reporting Capabilities

Maintaining accreditation and achieving quality improvement goals are fundamental challenges every cancer center administrator struggles to address. With OncoLens’ analytic engine and data reporting capabilities, you can easily download the reports that the CoC, NAPBC, and National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer (NAPRC) program require for accreditation.

The system captures data directly from the tumor board/cancer conference using smart forms. These interactive tools make sure everything is covered properly and that the majority of the work gets done as the conference and care planning take place.

  • Measure and aggregate accreditation or custom quality metrics
  • Download reports that can be ad-hoc or accreditation specific Communicate care pathways
  • Eliminate the need for manual and duplicate data entry for CoC accreditation reporting
  • Include metrics and prompts during tumor board to drive behavior
  • Communicate care pathways and evidence-based guidelines to drive improved quality
  • Collaborate and coordinate across multi-disciplinary care teams

Get a Step Closer to Real‑time Abstraction

OncoLens delivers seamless integration into
cancer registry software to accelerate the identification
and intake of new cancer cases
for abstracting.
Data collected by OncoLens is imported directly into your registry software at any time—immediately after each tumor board or cancer conference, at set intervals, in batches based on tumor type—based on your workflow. Ascension Saint Thomas recently reported that the OncoLens integration into CRStar delivered a “Ready to Abstract” percentage of over over 80 percent. 

OncoLens Integration
with Registry Software

  • Helps you avoid double data entry into the cancer registry
  • Eases reporting: registry reportable cases in OncoLens can be downloaded into a NAACCR report for upload into registry software
  • Delivers the data you need in one consolidated upload including clinical data such as staging, prior treatments, and treatment decisions from cancer conference

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