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Breaking Down Silos in Cancer Care: “Who The Health Started That?” Podcast Episode With Anju Mathew

January 18, 2023
“Who The Health Started That?” podcast speaks with Anju Mathew, the CEO and Founder of OncoLens.

Where do you look for answers and advice after a cancer diagnosis? We probably should be asking ourselves how do we improve the cancer care experience instead. This week, Who The Health Started That? podcast sits down with Anju Mathew, the CEO and Founder of OncoLens. Anju shares her personal journey, the inspiration behind OncoLens, and how her previous startups led to its success. OncoLens is a revolutionary care platform for cancer patients, offering data collaboration and clinical decision support to improve patient outcomes and break down silos in the medical industry. Don’t miss this powerful and enlightening conversation on the future of cancer care and the impact of data collaboration.

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January 18, 2023
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