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Every cancer case is different, which is why a multi-disciplinary approach to case reviews is so important. But the administrative burdens of data collection, care coordination, and proper documentation are overwhelming.

Cut administrative and preparatory time up to 90%

Ensure that clinicians have the data they need when they need them

Enable care team members and other experts to provide their opinions asynchronously

Revolutionizing the Tumor Board experience—OncoLens delivers a path to dramatically improving the productivity of care team members as they prepare for and conduct virtual or in-person cancer conferences. We deliver a single, comprehensive patient view that is enhanced and enriched by the Tumor Board. And the data, insights, and plan that come out of the Tumor Board serve as a through-line that supports the entire patient care journey.

The intelligent, rules-based workflow ensures all of the necessary information is available for rapid review, and as care plans are discussed, accreditation and reporting requirements are met – making the entire process and your entire team more efficient.

OncoLens’ cancer-specific templates ensure consistent and standardized discussions across all Tumor Boards

  • Manage Tumor Board Schedules
    Manage Tumor Board Schedules

    and seamlessly assign cases to tumor boards

  • Improve tumor board discussions
    Improve tumor board discussions

    through the automated inclusion of clinical trials, evidence based guidelines and precision medicine

  • Consolidate disparate data
    Consolidate disparate data

    and eliminate manual data entry through integration with EMRs or other data systems

  • Automatically Route Agendas
    Automatically Route Agendas

    and tasks for tumor board preparation and discussion

  • Facilitate care team collaboration
    Facilitate care team collaboration

    through virtual tumor boards and network wide consultations

  • Monitor cancer conference activity
    Monitor cancer conference activity

    and download real time reports for accreditation and cancer committee review

“It was taking about 10 hours per conference to ensure conferences were a success. With OncoLens, the time taken for a single conference has been reduced to one hour.”

- Chryl Corizzo, Clinical Quality Coordinator, St. Tammany Cancer Center

All stakeholders benefit when Tumor Boards are managed on OncoLens.

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