Optimal Research and OncoLens Collaborate on Just-In-Time Clinical Trials for Cancer Patients

Krystyna Kowalczyk; Market Watch 
February 19, 2019

ROCKVILLE, Md. & TUCKER, Ga., Feb 19, 2018 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Optimal Research, a patient identification and trial activation service provider, and OncoLens™, a software as a service (SaaS) tumor board solution, today announced a new collaboration to bring treatment options to community cancer centers and their patients faster through Optimal Research’s unique just-in-time(JIT) model.

JIT is an “on-demand” delivery method for cancer treatment through clinical research that reduces redundancies often found in the startup of clinical trials. As a result, a trial can be initiated in as few as 10 days for even one qualifying patient.

The partnership expands options to find the best treatment for patients and provide that treatment locally. Together, Optimal Research and OncoLens enable both doctors and patients to access some of the most innovative research options in the United States.

“When asked, most cancer patients say they would participate in a clinical trial, but fewer than 5 percent actually do, primarily due to access and availability of trials,” said Krystyna Kowalczyk, COO of Optimal Research. “Our partnership with OncoLens allows doctors to offer their patients clinical trials from a full portfolio of opportunities, and enables their patients to remain at their home treatment centers, in close proximity to their personal support systems.”

OncoLens provides and displays aggregated patient data to facilitate case consultations to and among physicians and also supports discussions about relevant treatment options, such as applicable clinical trials. Through this collaboration, physicians will have a wider range of trials to choose from.

“Clinical trial accrual rates remain abysmally low, especially in the community setting,” said Anju Mathew, CEO of OncoLens. “We are excited by the possibility of improving access to clinical trials and the latest treatment options for cancer patients through our partnership with Optimal Research.”

As a tumor board solution, OncoLens supports the internal discussions within cancer programs in which multidisciplinary groups of providers – such as medical oncologists, surgeons, nurse navigators, cancer registrars and others – come together to discuss patient cases and outline treatment plans.

About Optimal

Optimal Research, headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, is an innovative patient identification and trial activation solution. Optimal Research’s proprietary infrastructure and methodologies allow regulatory-compliant site activation in just two weeks after patient identification. Optimal Research-affiliated oncologists treat more than 500,000 patients annually in the U.S. For more information, visit www.optimalresearch.com.

About OncoLens

OncoLens [TM] , headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a software as a service (SaaS) tumor board solution that replaces the labor-intensive process of collecting, presenting and reporting cases for cancer conference and CoC/NAPBC accreditation. OncoLens [TM] merges patient data from different sources along with clinical decision support criteria to support the multi-disciplinary approach to care treatment. For more information, visit www.oncolens.com.

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