OncoLens Appoints Oncology Software Executive Carla Balch to its Board of Directors

Chris Watson; Atlanta, GA 
January 01, 1970

OncoLens, a pioneer in automated cancer treatment planning software solutions, has appointed Carla Balch to its board of directors. Balch, CEO of Inteliquet (formerly TransMed Systems), a leading provider of clinical trial and care support technologies, has more than 20 years’ experience in the healthcare technology industry, with a particular emphasis in the oncology space.

“We are thrilled to welcome Carla Balch, a true innovator in oncology software solutions, to our advisory board,” said Anju Mathew, CEO and co-founder of OncoLens. “She brings a wealth of experience and a visionary’s perspective to OncoLens. As our company continues to expand both its market presence and its product line, Carla’s insights into healthcare technology, research, and clinical trial operations, along with her enthusiasm for improving cancer treatment options will benefit both our clients and our organization.”

Balch’s vast experience in growing healthcare technology companies includes her tenure as president of NantCare, an oncology clinical trial and technology company, and as president/CEO of Altos Solutions, the first web-based oncology electronic medical record and big data company, where she led its sale to Flatiron Health, a Google-Ventures backed organization recently acquired by Roche in 2014.

Balch commented, “As value-based care begins to play a larger role in hospital and health system financial reimbursement models, cancer centers are looking for ways to ensure optimal patient outcomes while also improving operational efficiencies. Most providers agree that holding multi-specialty tumor board meetings is the best way to ensure that patients receive the best possible care; however, they require a significant amount of manual labor and time to prepare for and conduct. OncoLens is removing many of these operational barriers and enabling cancer centers to drive towards standardization of treatment. In an especially rapidly moving field with the growth of precision and personalized medicine, care treatment planning can be done in a collaborative environment where experts have the opportunity to discuss the best options for the patient.”

About OncoLens

OncoLens develops technologies that improve cancer treatment planning, simplify Tumor Board management, facilitate survivorship care planning, and automate accreditation and quality reporting through an intelligent workflow engine that streamlines business processes and enables more informed clinical decision-making.

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