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OncoLens Webinar Series: Learn How to Recoup Lost Revenue for Your Cancer Center

June 22, 2020

In March, the cancer care world changed dramatically. Most cancer centers have lost significant revenue, operate with less staff and have adopted virtual conferences to adhere to social distancing guidelines. All are now faced with an unprecedented backlog of patients that have not been diagnosed or are un/undertreated. We invite you to learn how OncoLens […]

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How to Use Telehealth in Cancer Care During the Coronavirus Pandemic And Beyond

May 20, 2020

For cancer patients, telemedicine is appropriate for many consultations and follow-up visits. KEY TAKEAWAYS Initial consultations are appropriate via telehealth when cancer patients have nonpalpable findings such as an abnormal mammogram, a breast cancer specialist says. In cancer care, best practices for virtual visits include sticking to the pattern of an in-person visit, the specialist […]

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