OncoLens for Tumor Boards

Tumor boards are meetings held at Cancer Centers where cancer specialists representing various departments meet to discuss and create care plans for cancer patients. These regularly scheduled meetings are mandatory in order to receive accreditation from the Commission on Cancer (CoC), National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancer (NAPBC) and the National Accreditation program for Rectal Cancer (NAPRC) to name a few. Large cancer programs are required to conduct several tumor boards each week. Data for each patient discussed must be collected at each meeting and archived for accreditation. This presents numerous cost, personnel and workflow challenges for cancer programs that are already budget conscious.

DeKalb Medical in Atlanta, GA (recently renamed Emory Decatur Hospital) faced these issues when needing to run eight conferences a month across various disciplines at two separate hospital campuses. This was compounded with the retirement of the sole staff member who had been responsible for coordinating tumor boards. There was a desire to increase the number of cases discussed, increase physician participation, streamline processes, increase clinical trial accrual, and maintain CoC and NAPBC accreditation all while keeping costs under control. After discussion amongst the physician and administrative staff, it was decided to implement OncoLens for tumor boards and clinical decision support. Immediate benefits were noted. There was a decrease in time taken to prepare for tumor boards by 90% which freed up precious administrative staff time. The number of cases discussed almost doubled without any increase in time spent or financial costs. The system was also able to conduct molecular tumor boards using the same platform. The results were published in the Journal of Registry Management Winter Issue 2017 page 160. The OncoLens platform is now being used to conduct tumor boards in 15 hospitals in ten states across the United States. For enquiries contact support@oncolens.com.